Security Contractor
Security Officers
LATSC is a licensed Security Contractor Agency,  At LATSC, we are concerned when our customers are concerned about safety.  LATSC provides Unarmed and Armed Security Officers for customers in the private and public sectors.  We strive to maintain our professionalism, security officer experience, and the specialized training and expertise of our security officers.
Our teams consist of off-duty and retired law enforcement professionals that include Police Officers, Federal Agents, and Military Veterans with training and experience in the following areas:.
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
  • Rapid Deployments
  • Crowd Control
  • Evidence Technicians
  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Special Events
  • Property Access & Control
Our security officers are formed based on a foundation of communication, training, and supervision.  We communicate with our clients concerning their needs and expected standards for the delivery of our security services.  We then train our security officers to meet the expected goals of our clients.
LATSC works to integrate protective measures that will optimize and not hinder the business environment of the client.  We focus on establishing solutions to the client’s security concerns by providing an array of security services to meet the client’s objectives.  Our ‘Executive Team’ has more the 250 years of law enforcement experience that would provide expertise in identifying potential threats, identify and assess risks, develop plans for access control, monitoring, screening all persons, vehicles, and equipment having access to the special events and/or area.
We recommend in most cases a “risk assessment or risk management study” that is customized to the client’s needs.
Minor Chaperone
LATSC provides highly trained and certified Protection Specialists for minors.   LATSC’s Minor Chaperone Service (MCS) provides unarmed MCS resources to parents with minors (between the ages 12 – 17) who are attending special events without a guardian or parent.  These events include, but are not limited to, parties (proms, homecoming, birthday, etc.), concerts, festivals, overnight trips, etc.  LATSC will provide unarmed chaperones who will provide door to door MCS to monitor and control the activities of minors during a scheduled event.
Limousine service can also be included for an additional fee. We partner with limousine service providers
Protection Specialists
LATSC provides highly trained and certified Protection Specialists (PS) for executives, dignitaries, entertainers, athletics, and other high profile individuals and groups.  Our Protection Specialists’ primary focus is the safety, protection and risk mitigation for our client.
Our Protection Specialists are State of Illinois Certified Dignitary Protection Specialists.   Our security specialists are highly trained law enforcement officers.  Each member has work experience to including federal law enforcement training & tactics, undercover/covert investigations & tactics, executive and dignitary protection, special events, business districts, and local security and protection event planning.   
LATSC will provide clients with a customized protective security plan designed to analyze the risks, threats and vulnerabilities related to the personal safety and security of the protected individual(s), their family and/or staff.  LATSC ‘s PS are specially training and certified in “Executive and Dignitary Protection” which provides the clients with security resources in the areas of transportation and travel security, physical and technical security, and the safe guarding and protection at special events, large venues and business related travel.
LATSC’s PS are highly trained, and have received 2000+ hours of specialized training, a combined over 60+ years of law enforcement experience, 50+ years in special operations units, each a member of a Law Enforcement Agency (SWAT Team).