Training & Certification
LATSC has a team of certified instructors who provide training to individuals, customers and our internal professionals.  
LATSC provides security training that meets the highest industry standards in the following areas:
  • IDFPR 20 Hour – Unarmed Security Officer (PERC)
  • IDFPR 20 Hour – Armed Security Officer (Revolver)
  • IDFPR 20 Hour – Semi-Auto Certification
  • IDFPR 20 Hour – Shotgun Certification
  • Illinois Firearm – Concealed Carry (2-Day/16 Hour) Certification Course
  • Defense Technology OC (Pepper Spray) Certification
  • Hand-Cuffing Certification
  • ASP Baton Certification
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Taser Certification
  • Crowd Control
  • Loss Prevention
  • Special Events
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